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The Christian Action League of North Carolina is the voice for North Carolina Baptists and other evangelicals, in the North Carolina General Assembly.  At the quarterly board of directors meeting, Christian Action League’s executive director, Rev. Mark Creech, gave an update on important legislative issues that are being monitored and addressed, by the League.  Here are some of those important issues of which North Carolina Baptists should be made aware:

Christian Action League is supporting ….

DWI bills – Four bills that would tighten DWI laws by increasing penalties, allowing for more use of ignition interlock devices or clarifying habitual offender laws are in the works. These measures – H 31, H 40, H 41 and H 43 – are aimed at keeping drunken drivers off the roads.

Methamphetamine penalties – With the number of meth lab busts rising more than 30 percent in North Carolina last year, lawmakers wasted no time filing a bill that would stiffen the penalties for manufacturing the dangerous drug in the presence of children, the elderly or disabled. House Bill 29 would also create a criminal offense for the purchase or possession of a psuedoephedrine product by someone with a prior record of meth possession or manufacture. More meth-related bills are expected as legislators try to stop the spread of this dangerous drug.

Elective Bible courses in public schools – North Carolina public high school students would have the chance to sign up for a Bible course as an elective if S 138 becomes law.  According to the bill, students would be able to use whatever version of the Bible they chose for the course, which, if approved by the local school board, could be offered as early as the 2013-2014 school year.

Preventing sex-selective abortions – H 716 “Clarify Law/Prohibit Sex-Selective Abortion,” would fine a doctor at least $10,000 for performing or trying to perform an abortion “with knowledge or an objective reason to know” that the child’s gender is a significant factor in the pregnant woman’s seeking the abortion. Fines for subsequent sex-selection abortions would rise first to $50,000 and then $100,000, and abortionists performing them would be subject to civil suits.

Human trafficking – The League is working tirelessly with lawmakers and advocacy groups to help get North Carolina off the top 10 list for states with human trafficking.  S 683 and H 855 are two legislative measures helping to accomplish this.

Christian Action League is opposing …

Sunday hunting bills – Two bills are being considered that would overturn the state’s 144-year-old ban on hunting on the Lord’s Day.  Overturning the ban on Sunday hunting poses a threat to the serenity and safety that rural church bodies across the state have traditionally enjoyed on the Lord’s Day.

The Christian Action League is also opposing any attempts to legalize video sweepstakes or to privatize liquor sales as bills are expected to be filed regarding these issues before the session ends.

“Each day brings new proposed laws to be examined through the lens of a Biblical worldview and new opportunities to help lawmakers determine how they can best represent their constituents, especially those who make up the body of Christ,” said the Rev. Creech. “We urge Christians to visit our Web site, sign up for our free weekly issues update and let lawmakers know that we are praying for them and expecting their best efforts for God’s glory.”

To find out more about the Legislature or a specific bill, log onto The CAL web site is at

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